MY NAME IS ANTONIO RAMÍREZ       




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                                   BASED IN BARCELONA

                CONTENT CURATOR                        





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                                                                           GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR MUSIC INDUSTRY


                                                             VISUAL STRATEGIES


                                                           DISRUPTIVE NARRATIVES

I am visual designer focused on graphics in motion. I love to explore different territories among electronic music industry, user experiences, new technologies and experimental arts.

FUEGO CAMINA CONMIGO. Barcelona. 2020 - currently.
Senior digital designer focused on motion graphics projects for digital campaings for commercial clients and art + tech industries.

︎︎︎Motion design assets for NOW NEW NEXT, product design and digital campaigns.
︎︎︎LED screens content design for SERVICE DESIGN DAYS at HUB Design Barcelona.
︎︎︎Motion creative content for VICIO BARCELONA.
︎︎︎2D animation assets for ESTRELLA DAMM.

ORGANIC SIGNS. Barcelona / Madrid. 2021 - currently.
Brand manager in charge of creating its own brand universe for offline assets, music venues and digital campaigns. My rol is focused on articulate a strong visual branding for digitall and offline campaigns, traslating the research and analysis of cultural trends into an editorial line and content strategy and promoving disruptive contents such as music + art exhibitions according to our artists.

︎︎︎EP cover design for Digitalis - Soma Junkies.
︎︎︎Editorial design for Digitalis: The Early Years 1995/2000 (Uncharted Version).
︎︎︎Art exhibitions and spatial interventions for music events.

XYZ.ROTATE. Madrid. 2018 - currently.
Art direction and creative consultant focused on disruptive experiences through exploring technology, music industry and new arts.

︎︎︎Printed assets / office design for NTT DISRUPTION at its new headquarted in Madrid.
︎︎︎Partnerships strategies + music curator + creative direction for AFTER US.
︎︎︎Brand design for FREEZA, plant-based and sustainable pizza. unreleased layout
︎︎︎Speculative design research for INVISION FRAMEWORKS.
︎︎︎EP cover design for MF Montenegro. unreleased layout
︎︎︎Brand media design for CANS 2020