❋  It is an online report shaped as one-frame view in which I collects personal researchs and approaches about our actual environment.   ❋  Invision talks about design of futures, sustainability, business and trends and how can we improve our lifes through a good design practices.  

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Hello ︎

My name is Antonio J. Ramírez, freelance designer based in Madrid, Spain.

I am focused on disruptive realities development, phygital thinking, research on potential futures and avant-garde experiences.

Sustainability, phygital thinking, humanism and disruptive technologies are my assets to think about our incoming realities.

They are my skills to research and design our future as human being and xyz.rotate.studio is my 2nd-identity from I work to provide for our environment with new and different approaches, visions and new twists to understand our world.

Have you any inquiry, collaboration or  idea to share with me?

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